Release Yourself from Shame. Create Space for Healing.

Clients come to me longing to feel whole. Despite having had prior experience with therapy or practicing other methods of personal inquiry and development, they struggle with shame and feeling like they're not enough.

When they first come in, childhood trauma or other relational trauma is often resurfacing, which feels very overwhelming. Other times, it’s the voice of shame they can’t seem to shake – always in their ear telling them they’re not enough. Their reaction is to hide, people-please or stay small, which gets in the way of the life they want to lead. They feel like they’re no longer aligned with their values and they're not sure how to find their way back.

Before coming to see me, many of my clients felt scared to share their story with yet another stranger; they’ve done this before. They worried they were broken or flawed in some way. And they were pretty certain shame was here to stay.

Like my clients, you deserve to discover your inner resilience – to move through your days without being triggered by past experiences or shame. Having a compassionate relationship with yourself is not out of reach. I’d love to help you get there.

my areas of specialization

Childhood relationship trauma
Coming out
Systemic oppression
Shame held by white-bodied people

Individual Therapy Services:
Ecotherapy and
Equine-Assisted Therapy

The work we engage in through therapy is both deep and deeply healing. We begin with building a foundation of trust – what therapists call “relational safety.” It provides you with a safe place to land and be vulnerable, so we can get to the heart of the big stuff. As trust develops and deepens, we’ll explore your past experiences, current situations, and established patterns, habits and beliefs. We’ll learn what’s serving you – and what isn’t.

Our work takes many forms.

If we meet in person, we’ll take our sessions outside to connect and tune in with the more-than-human world – with nature and animals. We may walk and talk while taking in all the sounds, sights and smells that the natural environment has to offer. Other times, it may feel good to find a place to sit down together to talk. It's always up to you.

I use a beautiful blend of relational therapy, Brené Brown’s Daring Way and interpersonal neurobiology in my approach. With training in multiple modalities, I customize our sessions to your needs, while providing a space of compassion and unconditional acceptance.

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What to expect

Change happens incrementally. In our work together, you’ll learn how to practice self-compassion and why it’s so important to your well-being. You’ll learn new ways to attune to your own body. To set boundaries. To trust in yourself. You’ll explore deep hurts. Then develop the capacity to make those hurts part of your wisdom and story. You’ll learn to move through shame. Gain skills to cope with overwhelm. And discover your inner resilience. So you can heal, learn and grow.

“I was going through a lot of transition in my life when I started therapy with Julia.

I had recently graduated college, started a full-time job, and left my religious community. I was also still recovering from an abusive relationship and struggling with depression, anxiety, and isolation. After working with Julia, I had a better understanding of how trauma affects my body, and ways that I can support myself in the wake of increased anxiety and depression. Julia helped me find healthy coping mechanisms, extend more compassion toward myself, and

be less judgmental and more curious about my experiences and responses”

“After a previous bad experience with a different therapist,

I was really nervous about returning to therapy. Within the first session, Julia, through her kindness and openness, quelled any hesitations and fears I had. She helped me so much during one of the hardest seasons of my life and

completely transformed my idea of what therapy can do.”

“I wasn't happy with who I was, how I behaved

or how I reacted to events that were out of my control. [Now] I understand my triggers - what sets them off and how to not let them drag me down. I also have the tools to

see other people's behaviors with a new clarity.”

“Julia will provide you with caring guidance, wisdom and support.

The work isn't easy - she isn't easy - but it comes from a genuine place of care. Her talent is abundant and exceptional.

I'm on a better - or less scary - path because of her help.“

“I came to see Julia after a hiatus

in my therapeutic process as I began to become more aware of the effects of past traumas. From the first day I arrived Julia presented herself as

someone I could rely on to accompany me through each moment of this process.”

“[I gained] so much!

I came to Julia at a time where I didn't know how to put names to things I was feeling. She helped me create and hold my own narrative in a way that felt powerful and vulnerable at the same time. I am very grateful for all of the support I received through each part of this relationship.

Thank you Julia!”

Individual ecotherapy

$200 per 50-minute session

One-on-one therapy involves commitment over time. I typically work with clients for a minimum of a year, and many stay on much longer. I offer person-to-person ecotherapy sessions at a beautiful park in the heart of Austin, TX. New clients are required to do three virtual sessions first so I can get to know you and what you need. Being in nature offers exceptional opportunities for grounding, healing embodied trauma, nervous system regulation and more.

Equine-Assisted Therapy

Walk + Observe
$270 per 60-minute session
spicewood, texas

Take everything you’ve learned about horses through culture, media and maybe even your own experience and put it to the side because I do equine assisted psychotherapy differently. I follow the most up-to-date ethical standards of animal welfare, equine behavior and learning during sessions. This ensures the most successful and safe experience for you as the client and the most  positive experience for the horse. 

 Before we meet at the barn we’ll do up to three virtual sessions together so I can get to know you, your history and your needs. I’ll develop a plan that includes the horses and we’ll go from there!  Sessions can look many different ways once we’re at the barn. You have the choice of walking the quiet private property together bringing attention to the many deer, coyotes and ravens that call the property home.  Or you might opt for sitting side by side and observing the horses that reside there. You’ll learn about horse behavior and communication and practice observing the horses as a foundation for building a kind, caring  relationship with them. This can be a powerful exercise in learning to observe your inner world with attention and compassion. 

You might be drawn to connecting to one horse to deepen your relationship with them. This work takes time because we don’t use force or aversives to keep horses with us.  Relationship building is built on positive experiences together and trust built together over time. Relational work will be impacted by your relationship history and the horse’s history with humans. Tending to this interspecies bond can be the perfect opportunity to engage in grounding, boundaries, body awareness, experience with systemic oppression, relational trauma and more.  As you deepen your relationship you’ll have the opportunity to build up to grooming, leading and "cooperative care," which involves giving the horse agency and choice in participating in their own care. It's deeply empowering work.

A note about safety: There will always be a fence in between you and the horse to start. We do this to keep both you safe and to allow the horses choice to engage with us or to leave depending on how they feel. Clients interested in working out of protected contact are required to participate in at least 10 sessions first. All sessions outside of protected contact are 90 minutes and include working with a skilled horse behaviorist. This is an opportunity to deepen your relationship by exploring in greater depth how to communicate with horses using consent, trust-building and positive reinforcement.

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