Social Justice Education

Understanding our social identities and their impact on our lives is an invitation to come home to ourselves. Social justice education creates a path to explore historical, social, political, racial and other systemic inequities that create systemic oppression. My work invites you to examine your own individual experiences and histories within these systems. Over the past 15 years, I've found that understanding my intersecting social identities has allowed me to continuously deepen my healing. I believe that this is true for all of us. I love supporting therapists, individuals, groups and organizations in this deep, healing work.

one-on-one consultation

One-on-one consultations begin at $160.
Please contact me to discuss consultation packages.

Through one-on-one consultation, my clients have space and safety to examine the complexity of identity; both assigned and chosen. They have room to speak truth to thoughts, feelings and actions that feel shameful, and receive guidance on ways to move forward.

Conversations about power, privilege and oppression are complex, personal, and political. I love supporting other white-bodied people to heal their own internalized racism, deepen their anti-racism practice and show up more justly in the world. I'm am also passionate about holding space for other queer people as they heal internalized homophobia, embrace shame resilience, and to show up authentically un unapologetically themselves.

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“It was wonderful. She made a safe space and [is] a great facilitator. [I learned] instead of pushing down shame, to dig into it and learn from it.”

Facilitated Dialogue Groups & Curriculum Design

It's easy to know what you want participants to get form a group experience. It can be harder to know exactly how to make those goals a reality.

I offer facilitated dialogue groups focused on social identity, anti-oppression and liberation work all with custom curriculum designs to accomplish specific learning outcomes.

All groups are a space of relational safety and acceptance where all participants have an opportunity to reflect, engage and learn how to participate in meaningful dialogue for change.

I’m trained in intergroup dialogue, interpersonal neurobiology and Brené Brown's Daring Way. This creates a foundation for participants to take part in creating a supportive, compassionate and emotionally resilient community with others who are seeking ways to interrupt white supremacy, patriarchy and heteronormativity.

Throughout our sessions, participants have an opportunity to share their own stories while they learn and practice the core elements of dialogue: creating shared meaning, listening in order to understand, finding common ground, curiosity, and productive conflict.

Sessions typically take place weekly over a period of two to three months. Groups are limited in size to facilitate meaningful exchange and personal impact.

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