Hey y'all. I’m Julia Alexander. 


I identify as a white cis queer woman and I live and work in and around Austin, Texas – land originally stewarded by the Tonkawa, Comanche, Lipan Apache, Jumanos and Coahuiltecan. I am a dog and horse guardian and nature is my sanctuary.

I provide compassionate social justice education and consulting services for therapists, individuals, groups and organizations.

When we address shame and oppression head-on – with love accountability – we free ourselves to move toward braver, more vulnerable, more connected living. 

Horses in Human healing


I love supporting therapists and coaches who are including horses in human treatment do so ethically and with a mind toward social justice. Together we find ways to give your equine as much voice, and autonomy as possible in sessions. We may also navigate shame, identify your deepest values and explore powerful themes that support your clients when you center advocating for your horses during your sessions.

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social justice education

Facilitator | Consultant

I love working with other therapists, individuals and groups to create sustainable practices for a life-long commitment to social justice. Although my services are for everyone, I've specialized over the past 15 years in working with other white-bodied people move from shame, feeling paralyzed, and performance to compassion, accountability and action in their anti-racism journey.

This work is often slow, embodied, and deeply personal. I combine my facilitator training in intergroup dialogue and social justice curriculum design with my experience as a trauma therapist to create transformative experiences that support deep and lasting change.

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The art of connection

Whether we're focusing on social justice or including horses in human treatment, I provide a space of compassion and unconditional acceptance, so we can develop a foundation of trust that allows for the kind of vulnerability that leads to healing, learning and growth.

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