Healing Begins with Connection


If you’ve arrived here in search of a safe and accepting space to alleviate shame, heal trauma and discover your inner resilience, you’re in the right place.

I provide compassionate therapy, education and consulting services rooted in anti-racist, social justice and liberatory frameworks. Every part of you is welcome here.

My approach is founded on an unwavering belief in the healing power of safe connection, and a deep knowing that sustained relationship to nature plays a major role in human healing.

If these words speak to you, if you’re ready to take action for personal and social change, I invite you to explore my services.

Let’s heal, learn and grow – together.

eco therapy + equine assisted therapy

I can offer you a safe place to land so you can get to the heart of the big stuff. Big as in:

Childhood relationship trauma
Coming out
Systemic oppression
Shame held by white-bodied people

We take into account past experiences, current situations, and all those established patterns, habits and beliefs that just may not serve you anymore.

If you’re an adult or young person who’s thoughtful and curious, that’s the first sign we’re likely a good fit.

Does that sound like you?

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social justice education

The threads of healing and compassion are woven into my work as a social justice educator.  I offer customized consulting, curriculum design and group facilitation to help you, your team, or members of your group or organization understand your experiences and beliefs in the context of systemic oppression. Then I teach you how to participate in meaningful dialogue for change.

It’s truly work worth doing.

See how it happens.

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Stack of books about social justice

people, horses & more-than-human animals

I combine my expertise as a therapist and social justice educator to offer equine-assisted psychotherapy rooted in the ethical inclusion of horses in human treatment. I can help you learn how to shift your perspective from a human-dominant framework to one of connection, dialogue and choice.

Let's make change happen.

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The art of connection

I believe healing and wholeness come from a sense of connection with ourselves, each other and all life with which we share this amazing planet. My work as a therapist and educator is all about fostering the art of connection.

I’ve trained in multiple modalities, and I use a beautiful blend of relational therapy, Brené Brown’s Daring Way, ecotherapy and interpersonal neurobiology throughout my work.

Above all, I provide a space of compassion and unconditional acceptance, so we can develop a foundation of trust that allows for the kind of vulnerability that leads to healing, learning and growth.

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Hey there.
I'm julia alexander.

I’m a licensed clinical social worker in the State of Texas. I hold master’s degrees in both social work and social justice education.

I believe that when we address shame and oppression head-on – with love, compassion and accountability – we free ourselves to move toward braver, more vulnerable, more connected living. My greatest joy lies in promoting our sense of interconnectedness through love, hope and healing.

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Julia Alexander sitting on front steps of a house

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