Colors of Austin

Copy of In the office at Colors of Austin

An office offers natural containment where we can explore the things that are most important to you. In an office experiential, trauma-informed therapy may look more traditional but takes into account how trauma impacts the brain and body. I bring mindfulness, body relaxation techniques, interpersonal neurobiology, guided imagery , play and reflection into our work together. Check out Colors of Austin Counseling if you’re interested in learning more about the space. All sessions in the office are a flat rate of $125 for a 50 minute sessions.

Outside at Ramsey Neighborhood Park

Copy of Outside at Ramsey Neighborhood Park

Let’s take a walk, swing on the swings or play game of catch. This option is only available for clients who I see at Colors of Austin. We will meet at the office and walk down the road to the park. There are so many benefits to being outside moving. This is a great option for folks who don’t like to be still inside and kids.

Outside with horses at South Wind Equestrian Center


South Wind Equestrian Center is a beautiful space with 16 horses on property. Sessions take place in the shade of live oaks and often integrate a horse or horses into treatment. Sessions are $175 for 60 minutes and always include two therapists.