Kids and Families, you are resilient.

Trauma impacts the whole child. Therapy works to re-wire the brain. Through safe connected relationship as our foundation, I work with your child to:



Children don’t automatically know how to organize what they are feeling their bodies. They learn how to organize their feelings through the caring adults in their life. I track where your child is throughout session and what they need to support regulating their bodies. We may walk together, brush or pet a horse, play the drums or other music to support regulation.



Connection is a foundation of my work with your child. Once your child is able to regulate their body we can do connected work together. This may look like talking together, playing together, working with a horse or even riding. My connection/relationship with your child is the foundation for deeper work.


Recognizing & Expressing Feelings

With a regulated body and a connected relationship, I work with your child to start to be able to identify body sensations, feelings and energy levels that give your a child a sense of understanding and control of what’s happening inside them.



Integrating traumatic experience happens throughout therapy. Often through sensory processing, reflection and connection. Sometimes integration can mean your child talks about their story. Talking about trauma stories has the ability to be deeply healing but also has the potential overwhelm and re-traumatize. Thus discussing a traumatic event does not need to be part of the integration process. It depends on the individual child.

Caregiver, you are involved. Every step of the way.


In the office: $125 for 50 min

With horses: $175 for 60 min