horses in the healing space

Being around horses can be a powerful experience. Often, people describe a sense of peace or aliveness being in the presence of horses and reconnecting with nature. Incorporating horses into treatment is a complex endeavor. I collaborate with Ryan Authier, LPC and together we aim to meet our clients’ need for healing while simultaneously continuing to seek out the latest best practices so we best meet our horse’s needs as well.

We believe that when that the wellbeing of our horses is a top priority, the healing work our clients do is much more powerful. Most of the work that clients do with horses happens on the ground. A very small number of clients ride and those who do are usually participating in EMDR.

Connecting with a horse during therapy can provide you and your family with the opportunity gain deeper body awareness, which is directly connected to better understanding emotions. Other areas you may explore are sensory experiences, slowing down and listening to your own inner wisdom.

Because domesticated horses are dependent on us, Ryan and I work to acknowledge how dominance exists in the human/horse relationship. This helps us take responsibility for the power we hold so this power isn’t abused.


$175 for 60 mins