It takes courage to own your story.

If you’ve decided instead of fitting in, you want to truly belong - within yourself, your story and your relationships, let’s work together. You can feel whole and connected again. I can support you in exploring the following:

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and/or depression can impact your ability to connect and to live the life you want to live. Together we can explore coping strategies, techniques for listening to your body, other methods that support deep healing.

Shame Resilience

Shame resilience is the antidote to feelings of worthlessness, not feeling good enough and not feeling worthy of love and belonging. Shame resilience gives you the tools to live wholeheartedly.


Trauma can be any event that leaves you feeling emotionally or physically overwhelmed, unable to cope and importantly alone or not seen. Emotional or physical abuse, neglect, threat of or actual violence, loss or death of a significant attachment figure, chronic illness or medical procedures, and systemic oppression all have the ability to be traumatic. Trauma changes the brain and the way you are able to connect to your self and sustain and maintain relationships. The event may have been one time or may have been experienced continuously over an extended period of time. Together we can work on regulation, connection, expressing feelings and emotions and integration.


Oppression is the systemic experience of being treated differently because of a social identity you hold. Oppression can deeply impact the way you view yourself, express yourself to others, and the way you feel safe or unsafe in the world. Exploring these issues in a safe space can be deeply empowering.



In the office: $125 for 50 min

With horses: $175 for 60 min