The Approach

For the last decade, I've worked to create spaces for people to heal. I was trained in intergroup dialogue facilitation and social justice curriculum design, which was the start of my career. My understanding of trauma is deeply connected with an understanding systemic oppression and privilege. I have carried this lens throughout my training as a social worker.

At the end of the day it is safe, connected, attuned relationships that heal the deepest hurts. Relational and developmental trauma can take away your ability to feel safe and connected to yourself and others. So, although I utilize lots of different modalities that support your healing, the unique relationship that you and I create together will be the foundation of the work we do.

My work is based in science and encompasses the art of connection and relationship. My approach to therapy integrates the brain and the body which means we might be with horses, take a walk outside, write, play, do art, or listen to music.


I remember a therapist said to me once “you’ve been coming here for a while now, and you have never cried in a session.”  I shrugged it off at the time.  I had been seeing that particular therapist for four years…

Traditional talk therapy didn’t work for me.  I’m not saying that crying in therapy is the only indicator that good work is happening. However, being in touch with your body and emotions and gaining the muscles to tolerate them is an important part of healing. I was able to hide behind my intellect and talk around things without ever really feeling what was happening in my body. And I was feeling a lot! 

When I was in school for social work, treating trauma was not a focus. Frustrated with that, I set out to learn as much as I could about trauma, attachment and relationships.  I wanted to learn how to do things differently.  I realize now this quest has been as much to support others in their healing as it has been to understand and integrate my own story. This of course is continuous, hard, vulnerable work. I want to live a wholehearted life and I want to help you do the same.

So you, person who is brave enough to seek support when you need it, I want to offer you the type of healing experience that I would have found solace in.  I will show up for you or your kids every week authentically and compassionately, bringing empathy and often humor too. I bring all of my experience in psychotherapy, the neurobiology of trauma, and social justice to help you problem solve, strategize, expand your ability to sit with hard stuff, and own your story.

I am filled with gratitude at the end of each day that this is what I get to do for a living; build deep connected relationships with brave people who teach me so much about the resilience we all possess.